Do you have brows that are overgrown and need reshaping & defining?

Or have your brows been overplucked, look sparse, have little bald patches where the hair dosnt grow properly from years of plucking?

Then this might be the Ideal treatment for you!

DEFINITION BROWS is a brow treatment that will change the look of your brows for the better, using our 7 steps to beautiful brows.

1. Consultation, we will discuss the shape and colour that will  suit you.

2. Tinting, this will make the brow hairs all the same colour and make them stand out more.

3. Trim, using brow scissors to trim any long, straggly,curly hairs.

4. Waxing, under the brow, over the brow & mono-brow for a smooth, clean result.

5. Tweeze, plucking any small fine hairs.

6. Threading .

7.Aftercare, using cosmetics such as mineral brow powders and pencils to fill in any gaps for a more defined look, aftercare advice given as to how you can maintain this look at home.